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Preston Solutions Ltd was incorporated in 1999. The supply chain planning division is run by Dr Andrew Palmer who has 30 years experience and is a renowned expert in logistics network design. We provide strategic modelling and logistics consultancy to a wide range of commercial and government organisations. We specialise in sustainable strategic physical logistics network design focussing on optimising cost, service levels and environmental impact. We have unique strategic and tactical software modelling tools in our portfolio which are able to rapidly analyse and evaluate logistics networks, and provide robust practical solutions covering:

  • Identification of optimal logistic locations

  • Sustainability implications

  • Assessment of different logistics facilities such as consolidation centres, with sizes and arrangements

  • Assessment of distribution channels and optimal flows

  • Collaboration opportunities including backhauling and consolidation

  • Evaluation of factory gate pricing arrangements

  • Effect of different delivery time criteria

  • Optimal boundaries and allocations

  • Effect of alternative sourcing

  • Assessment of alternative types of vehicles and fuels

  • Effect of different delivery frequencies and vehicle loading

  • Assessment of service levels

  • Assessment of alternative transport modes (road, rail, sea, air)

  • Effect of future activity on a logistics network


Dr Andrew Palmer is a specialist in sustainable logistics network design and quantitative modelling techniques, and is the original author of the CAST network design software, now owned by Llamasoft. For over 30 years he has undertaken projects for many companies from different sectors and countries, plus governmental departments, the European Commission and the OECD. His work focuses on the sustainability of freight transport and the methods required to improve vehicle capacity utilisation and reduce empty running. He is currently working on various collaboration and sustainability related projects for the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, a joint venture between Heriot Watt and Cambridge Universities, a European Commission sponsored project called Logistar which is developing a real time freight transport collaboration system, and a DfT/InnovateUK project looking at the feasibility of a new type of short fast frequent freight train.

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